Hanging Christmas Lights on Your Outdoor Trees

In addition to the Christmas tree in your living room, wrapping or hanging lights on trees outside makes Christmas even more festive. The trees in front of your houses grow alongside your family and remain throughout the season. It would be lovely to see them decorated with colorful lights to remind you of the splendor of the season. 

However, if you intend to brighten up your pathway, keep in mind that hanging lights from these trees should not be done carelessly. Wrapping or hanging lights may be easier with bushes, but it’s a different story with tall and large trees. This article will share useful tips for decorating your Christmas trees.

1. Prepare All That You Need

You’ll never get anything done if you don’t have your most important materials, so thorough preparation is important. Prepare the lights, extension cords, cable ties, hooks, electrical tapes, and ladder. Checking the light bulbs for cracks or damage is also part of the preparation. Make sure to choose outdoor-rated lights and extension cords. Here’s a tip: use a waterproof container to house your extended outlet while also securing a nearby power outlet.

2. Examine the Tree/s on Which You Want to Hang the Lights

Don’t just pick a tree at random to hang lights on. Your decoration must be flawless, so select the tree with the best view and strength. Because trees vary in height and structure, you must carefully visualize the end result in your mind. From there, you can decide on the style and method for decorating your tree. Most importantly, check to see if the tree is in good enough condition to put the lights on. Keep an eye out for vulnerable branches, brittle twigs, or disproportioned branches that may need to be pruned or trimmed.

3. Plan Your Style

Have you considered just wrapping the lights around the tree? You have more choices than that. Here are a few options for you to consider:

  • Canopy Wrap. In this style, the lights are simply hung on the outside branches, which is probably the most common. Longer light strings are required for this style, and the spacing must be observed.
  • Trunk and Branch Wrap. This process includes wrapping lights around the tree from the trunk to the primary branches. Christmas lights trail behind the stunning tree structure.
  • Lighted Ornaments. This one is inexpensive and minimalist, but when used creatively, it has an elegant and gentle effect. Use light-up ornaments and hang them in the branches.
  • Fountain. This style is best suited to trees with long horizontal branches, such as willow trees. Simply hang the lights from the ceiling and let them dangle. It’s pretty gorgeous!
  • Snowfall. If you want to add some movement, try hanging LEDs with drop-down effects. It’s definitely eye-catching!
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4. Use a Ring Connector

As you begin to hang the lights on your tree, you may discover that there are issues with properly lighting the entire tree. In this case, a ring connector is strongly recommended. Wrapping or hanging the tree with lights will necessitate the use of more than one string. With just one plug, the ring connector will properly distribute power to all of the light strings.

5. Do Not Wrap the Tree Tightly

Never wrap the tree in a sloppy manner. Because a tree is a living organism, its trunks and branches expand. Allow enough space for the tree to grow without damaging the lights or the tree itself.

6. Always Take the Safer Route

Regardless of your level of confidence, the do-it-yourself method is not always the best option. If you’re having trouble hanging the lights or if the trees need to be trimmed, contact a professional tree care service because they are the experts in all things tree care.

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Because Christmas is approaching, we at Green Tech Tree want to help you experience a merrier holiday through our various tree care services. Whether its tree trimming and pruning, tree removal, or tree spraying, we can guarantee excellent results. Only trust your tree care needs to us! 

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