Tree And Shrub Fertilization

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If you think that taking care of your trees and shrubs only requires minimal effort and commitment, then you have it all wrong. Also, if you think that your young plants and trees only need sunlight, water, and air to thrive and be healthy, you’ll soon realize that’s not enough.

Nutrients and protection against diseases and pests are very crucial for a plant’s healthy growth. Trees and shrubs have specific nutrients needed, and if not supplemented, their lifespan will be significantly reduced. That is why fertilization is a very essential tree care service as it provides the needed nutrients to help trees and shrubs grow healthy and strong.

Factors to Consider When Applying Fertilizers

Fertilization is often confused with plant food. Photosynthesis is the process by which plants produce food. Fertilization aids this process by providing the necessary minerals and nutrients. There are also several factors to consider when applying fertilizer. Among them are the pH of the soil, the frequency with which it is applied, and the number of fertilizers used. This is why professional tree and shrub fertilization is required.

Green Tech Tree - Factors to Consider When Applying Fertilizers

The Soil

The kind, amount, and method of fertilization used will depend on the condition of the shrub or tree. The quality of the soil is one factor that affects this condition. The lack of minerals among trees and shrubs is sometimes influenced by soil pH. Soil pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of the soil. 

Certain plants thrive in soil with a specific pH level. However, nutrients may be depleted in soils with high pH, causing trees and shrubs to grow poorly. With fertilization, the right amount of nutrients needed for the trees and shrubs to thrive is supplemented.

Green Tech Tree - Factors to Consider When Applying Fertilizers

Nutrient Deficiency

Knowing the symptoms of nutrient deficiencies in plants is another useful way to treat the underlying problem right away. Older leaves that are yellowing or chlorotic may indicate a nitrogen deficiency or iron chlorosis. These conditions are caused by high soil pH. Short and unhealthy newly grown leaves can signify magnesium deficiency. This one is common in sandy soils where plants are unable to absorb enough acid.

Noticing deficiency symptoms in plants help determine the appropriate fertilization method to use. Our professional arborists at Green Tech have the proper knowledge to treat these conditions. We can help you choose the best fertilization method for your trees and shrubs for them to grow healthy and strong.

Green Tech Tree - Factors to Consider When Applying Fertilizers

The Time to Fertilize

The key to effective fertilization is timing. Fertilization during specific seasons helps plants cope with changing weather conditions.  Fertilizing in the fall has two major advantages. It aids the soil’s recovery of lost nutrients during the summer, and root growth for the winter. Fertilizing in the spring supports new growth throughout the season, keeps trees and plants green and vibrant, and provides nutrients to protect trees from infection.

Fertilizer is required for your trees and shrubs at specific points in their annual growth cycles. Otherwise, the fertilizer will be wasted. Just remember that the best time to fertilize your trees is right when they need it.

Green Tech Tree - Factors to Consider When Applying Fertilizers

Frequency of Application

The frequency with which a plant should be fertilized is determined by its growth and health. Trees and shrubs that grow in healthy soil may not need to be fertilized on a regular basis because doing so puts them at risk. On the other hand, plants on a nursery cycle, or plants with nutrient deficiencies require scheduled or routine fertilization. Supplemental fertilization is most effective when plants are actively growing.

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