Our Services

Still looking for more reasons as to why you should choose our tree care services here at Green Tech? Don’t look any further! Take a look at our complete list of tree services right here because these may be the ones you’ve been missing out on.

Remove any threatening or unstable trees to improve the safety of your property – from your home to everything around and on your property.  A dead tree that is unstable can even jeopardize the safety of your loved ones. Proper tree removal eliminates the risk and damage that could occur. At Green Tech, we take quick action towards these kinds of issues. However, if this is not done by a professional tree removal company like us, the situation could even worsen. We handle tree removal projects with extreme caution and control. With 25 years of experience, we know what removal methods work best for most situations. We use highly functional equipment, such as a crane, to remove your troublesome tree safely. Our cleanup crew also removes debris and leaves your property clean and orderly.

Spraying trees on a regular and timely basis can keep them strong and in good health, as well as it helps build immunity to infections and disease. Insects and other pests are typically harmful to trees and shrubs. Leaves may be damaged, and flowers may lose their luscious color. Spraying prevents these situations and allows trees and shrubs to display their natural beauty. This type of work should be handled by a reputable tree service company like Green Tech. Our company has extensive experience in this field. Our tree spraying service is guaranteed to be safe and effective in maintaining the health of the many trees and shrubs in your yard.

Tree trimming and tree pruning are two of the most important aspects of tree health care. This form of tree service promotes the growth of healthy trees. It also helps them maintain their sturdy structure and elegant shape.  But excessive tree trimming and pruning can shorten a tree’s life. Our teams are made up of tree service experts who specialize in shrub and tree trimming and pruning. We are Massachusetts certified arborists with 25 years of extensive experience in tree maintenance. We are very familiar with the local tree varieties – oak, maple, pine, and more!

Our land clearing service is safe and seamless. We provide removal services for trees, stumps, bushes, boulders, and other native vegetation. We also provide removal of fallen branches caused by tornadoes and hurricanes, including tree emergency services. Even natural green debris can endanger your family’s safety and be unsightly. Green Tech provides land clearing services using top-grade tools and equipment. We can assist you in keeping your property safe and clean without causing damage to the surrounding area. Your area will definitely be spotless clean!

Our stump grinding and removal service is both efficient and cost-effective. If you are concerned about a stump in your yard, then call us right away!  We have a large capacity grinder that can effectively handle your stump grinding tree project. For residential and commercial property owners who want to plant in the area, we can even grind the stump down deep. The stump is then turned into a pile of wood that you can repurpose. Call us for a free consultation about your stump grinding project.

As a tree service company, we know that trees and shrubs require a sufficient supply of nutrients. Lack of these nutrients will cause them to become easily infected by bugs and other pests.  They can also have poor growth and appearance. However, with tree service from our professional arborists, shrub and tree fertilizing will always be a job well done.  We know just how much fertilizer a tree requires and the best methods for fertilizing it. With our expert knowledge in this type of tree service, your trees and shrubs will surely bloom and grow healthy.

Our Service Areas

All of our tree services are available throughout the South Shore, including Braintree, Bridgewater, Brockton, Holbrook, Quincy, Rockland, and Weymouth. With Green Tech, you can relax knowing that we provide safe, quick, and affordable tree care and tree removal services. If you are anywhere in these areas and you need professional tree services, call us immediately for a free estimate! Only trust your tree care needs with us!