Tree Spraying

Green Tech Tree Tree Spraying

Most people plant trees on their property to provide shade and to enhance the beauty of their landscapes. A yard with plenty of trees and shrubs is well-appreciated, not only for its environmental benefits, but also for how it completely changes the atmosphere of a place. However, not everyone is aware of the complexities involved in plant health care. One simple but effective method of controlling infections and diseases is  through tree spraying.

Specific plants and trees are prone to disease and are frequently attacked by insects and pests. Green Tech Tree is well-versed in proper tree trimming, stump grinding, and tree removal techniques. We also specialize in the treatment of all types of tree diseases. If you suspect that your trees are not pest-free, let Green Tech Tree’s professional arborists restore them to their original healthy state. Contact us anytime to get a free estimate of our services.

The Time to Spray Trees

Insects and pests are most active at certain times of the year. If you are unaware of this information, the trees in your yard may be subjected to recurring attacks from them. Thus, it is critical that you are aware of the most common tree pests, their peak activity period, and their resistance to spray. Most bugs become active when flowering trees, for example, begin to bloom in early spring. As a professional tree care service company in South Shore, MA, our team works carefully to ensure that all pests that feed on your trees are permanently removed.

Signs that Your Trees Need Spraying

Should you spray trees as soon as you notice a problem? Whether it’s fungus or insects, you want to properly handle any harmful conditions that could affect the good health of your trees. However, it is essential to address these issues appropriately.

The symptoms of disease and infestation vary depending on the condition and type of tree, but here are some to keep an eye out for:

Type of trees to be sprayed - Green Tech Tree

Types of Trees to Be Sprayed

As previously stated, certain trees and plants are at risk of pest infestation. But this can be prevented by spraying them on a regular and sufficient basis.  Are you unsure about the type of tree you have? Or the schedule that your trees will be sprayed? All you have to do is call us, and we will assist you with this matter. With us here at Green Tech Tree, your trees will receive the proper care they need!

Choosing the Right Equipment - Green Tech Tree

Choosing the Right Equipment

Spraying trees and shrubs requires specialized equipment. Green Tech Tree’s equipment ranges from a backpack sprayer to a 1000-gallon tank truck. The size of the equipment we use is determined by the tree species, the size of the tree, and the type of disease, insect, or pest to be controlled. Our professionals always know which type of treatment to use in each situation.

Tree and Shrub Spray Program - Green Tech Tree

Tree and Shrub Spray Program

Spray programs are classified into two types: targeted tree sprays and periodic tree sprays. To control tree pests, a targeted tree spray is utilized. With such a goal in mind, spraying on time becomes critical in maintaining the condition of a tree.  Periodic tree spraying, on the other hand, necessitates frequent inspections. During inspections, our tree service team will identify the types of trees that are vulnerable to pest attack and will then administer appropriate treatments.

Let Green Tech Tree Save Your Trees from Pest Infestation!

If you want to keep your trees healthy and shrubs in good shape, use our tree spraying services anywhere in the South Shore area. Because of our years of experience in this industry, we are able to effectively handle insect and disease problems on trees. We have an expert team that you can openly ask and inquire about the condition of your trees. Who else can you rely on but those who provide a reliable service? Call us today and get a free estimate of our tree care services.