Tree Trimming And Pruning


Tree trimming and tree pruning are essential to keep trees healthy. Those who want to take good care of the health of their trees and shrubs will certainly be interested in the benefits it provides. Pruning and trimming tree limbs and diseased or dead branches can help maintain the structure and beauty of your landscape. It can even minimize the damages caused by hurricanes and storms, and it helps control the spread of pests and diseases.  Another benefit of proper pruning and trimming is that it promotes healthy growth of young trees, as well as mature trees.


Green Tech Tree is an expert at tree pruning and trimming. Our many years of providing tree care services to our clients is clear proof of our reliability and efficiency. We prune and trim fruit trees, oak trees, and even flowering trees. Although most people consider trimming trees and pruning trees to be the same service, they actually serve different purposes.

Tree Trimming


Tree trimming is the process of cutting back overgrown tree limbs. It promotes the new growth of young trees, shrubs, and other plants. Tree trimming is also used by certified arborists to improve the structure and visual appeal of trees.  It is critical that tree trimming is done the proper way. Inappropriate trimming can lead to the removal of healthy tree branches or the slowing of a tree’s growth. For instance, when trimming a fruit tree, make sure to do it during early spring or mid to late winter. Or, in the case of oak trees, never prune a mature oak tree when it is dormant.

Tree Pruning


Tree pruning involves removing dead or broken branches using appropriate pruning method. It is also done when a few branches brush against or push over power lines, or when they lean against a building. Tree pruning has to be done by certified arborists. Heavy pruning can shorten the lifespan of most trees or interfere with its new growth. Also, pruning trees in an untimely manner may damage its stem tissue. In such cases, the trees’ ability to produce food may be reduced.

At other times of the year, deciduous trees can be pruned with little or no adverse consequences. Nonetheless, avoid pruning deciduous trees in early spring when they are leafing out and in the fall when they are dropping their leaves.

Other Purposes of Trimming and Pruning


View Improvement

There are other branches that grow in the path of a view. They can obstruct a beautiful view from a balcony, window, deck, or terrace. The use of proper tree trimming and pruning method ensures that these tree branches can be removed to create a stunning sight. But if done incorrectly, it can be harmful to a tree’s overall health, stability, and appearance.


Risk Mitigation

The most common reason for pruning trees is to remove a risk or danger posed by dead or broken branches. These tree branches can cause accidents and harm to people, pets, and property. Serious accidents may occur if these diseased branches are not removed prior to a severe weather event.



Cutting off falling branches can also help in the restoration of trees’ structure. Some trees and shrubs that have been damaged by a storm or hurricane may lose their structural form as they mature. Pruning can help these trees regain their former stature. Certified arborists use specific cycles and techniques to successfully complete any restoration project.


Clearance Requirements

Other trees with low-hanging branches that block a pathway, driveway, or passageway must be pruned. Owners whose trees extend beyond the boundaries of their property may be required to comply with clearance requirements. This is to ensure public safety, particularly on busy sidewalks or road walks.

Green Tech Tree Does It Like No Other!

Over the many years we have spent in providing various tree services, we have encountered numerous situations that require delicate and careful trimming and pruning. Our team always adhere to ANSI standards on any job they take. Helping every tree grow healthy is a serious business to us. More so, the safety and protection of our clients and their families is a priority to us.

Here at Green Tech, we prune and trim trees exactly the way it should be! We also offer garden pruning, tree removal, and tree cutting services. Call us today and get a free estimate of our trimming and pruning services.