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Trees are a perfect addition to any property, and are very essential in keeping a healthy and fresh environment. However, trees can also pose a risk to homeowners, especially if they have hazardous branches. When a tree gets old, it becomes unstable and threatening. Its brittle and vulnerable branches may cause accidents and property damage. In such cases, it is critical to remove or cut down these trees as soon as possible.

Our certified arborists in Green Tech provide efficient and professional tree services to the residents in South Shore, MA. Even in emergency situations, they can efficiently prune those branches to prevent them from falling on you. They are also skilled at tree pruning, tree trimming, and insect management through the use of tree spraying. Our expertise in providing tree care services is comparable to none.

There are two main reasons why a dead and unstable tree should be removed:

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When the structure of a tree becomes unstable and adding support is no longer effective, it becomes a danger flag. Note also that tree diseases are a major cause of trees becoming unstable. They can be very dangerous when close to structures, pathways, roads, power lines, and public areas.


There’s a difference between threatening and dangerous trees. A threatening tree prevents other trees, shrubs, or plants from developing. The removal of threatening trees allows other plants to thrive. As such, hiring a professional tree service company is an excellent choice.

Green Tech Tree has appropriate measures in place to address these types of tree problems in both residential and commercial properties. Safety and quality are what mark our services, may it be in the aspect of tree removal, tree pruning, or tree trimming. We do this to ensure our clients that every part of the job goes off without any problem.

In any of our tree care project at the company, the safety and protection of your family and friends is our priority.

Several things to consider before proceeding with the tree removal operation:

The location of a dead or unstable tree is a crucial consideration when planning to do a tree removal job. Whether it’s in an open environment or near a wire, we have specific measures in place to ensure the tree is removed safely. When branches are not pruned properly, they can become tangled up in wires and may cause damage to residential and commercial properties.

Because of their size and height, some trees can be difficult to remove. But even so, this is not a problem for us at Green Tech because our team has the expertise to deal with this type of job. Our certified arborists have the skills, tools, and equipment to safely remove trees, no matter their size and condition. We are careful in completing any of our clients’ tree care projects so that their expectations are met.

Surveying the site gives us an idea of which tools and equipment to use. Stump grinding, for example, necessitates the use of cutting-edge equipment. Depending on the location, landscape, or kind of tree, certain tools and machinery, such as a crane, chipper, or bucket truck, may also be needed.

Before removing a tree, we first assess its structure. A tree could be leaning over a building or a property and this could pose a great threat to your family’s safety. In such situations, emergency tree removal services are what you need. We will create a plan on how those trees should be removed. Our team has over 25 years of knowledge in this kind of business. Our expert team will cut down your tree not only to improve the look of your landscape, but also to keep your family safe and healthy.

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