5 Things to Look for in a Tree Service Company

Trees play a vital role in our lives. They provide us enough shade from the sun, some fresh air to breathe, a lovely landscape for our properties, and also reduce the risk of soil erosion and air pollution. These plants deserve to be cared for, too, just like they take care of our environment. Many times, we tend to neglect trees, believing that they can grow on their own.

The truth is, trees look tall and strong on the outside, but inside, a lot of things need to be tended to in order to get them to that stage of healthy growth. If you want to keep your trees thriving for years, it will be helpful to learn about the kind of maintenance they need.

Proper Caring for Trees

Being a responsible homeowner requires knowledge in tree care and maintenance, too. Don’t let your hectic schedule or inexperience get in your way of giving your trees vigorous growth. Here are some of the tips to consider in providing the right tree maintenance.

  1. Choose the right type of tree to grow. Certain species of trees may not be adaptable to your climate and other factors such as the soil and light in your backyard.
  2. Remove the grasses around the trees and other unwanted elements that might compete with the resources such as air, water, and nutrients they get. 
  3. Water them regularly. For mature trees, an inch of water per week is enough while more water is necessary for younger ones.
  4. Provide enough fertilizer to enrich the soil with the nutrients that your trees need.
  5. Prune regularly to improve the structure and allow trees to grow more freely.
  6. Control the pests which may bring diseases and become worse if left untreated.

Qualities of a Dependable Tree Service Company

Caring for your trees can be stressful and risky, especially if you lack the right tools and equipment to use in performing such tasks. Tree trimming requires climbing up the tree or using a ladder to reach the branches that need to be cut. Don’t risk your own safety by doing it yourself; instead, leave the task to the professionals. This way, you’re not only guaranteeing your safety, but you can also save money and time.

Professional tree services offer many essential benefits that you might not have considered. Here are some tips to help you choose the best company to tend to your tree needs.

Licensed and insured

You’ll know that you’re working with the right people if they can assure you of your safety and security. Their license proves their credibility in performing the task and guarantees good results. Having liability insurance covers both their workers and any damage that may occur to your property during the process.

Tools and Equipment

The tree service any professional will provide you with will only be as effective as the tools and equipment they use for the job. It is essential to know that they have all the right items needed for the type of service your trees need.

Tools and Equipment-Green Tech Tree South-Shore, MA

Years of experience

Typically the longer a business has been in operation, the more knowledge they bring to the job. Those years serve as their training in producing good results, too.

Reputable background and references

Checking the background and previous work done by the prospective company will be helpful in learning more about their capacity to care for your trees. Online reviews will give you an idea in case there have been issues in the service that they did for any of their former customers.


Every homeowner is concerned about the price to pay for a professional tree service. To avoid having additional fees or charges, you may also ask for a detailed, written estimate from the company you are considering hiring.

Why It’s Important to Hire the Best

No matter how badly you want to make sure your trees are healthy yourself, oftentimes, it is better to let experts handle it. Green Tech Tree Care Service promises to create greenery that lasts through the years for an affordable price. We keep our reputation as the top professional tree service company within the South Shore area by maintaining a clean and green surrounding.

Our experts are properly trained to do a wide range of tree care services, including tree trimming and pruning, tree spraying, tree and shrub fertilization, land clearing and crane service, stump grinding, and more. Let no more trees wither or die anytime soon by calling us at 781-767-3888. Green Tech Trees offer the best customer service to answer all your queries and concerns.

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