How To Help Your Trees After a Snow or Ice Storm

When snowflakes slowly cover your porch, deck, and roof, it’s the time of the year when you seek the warmth and comfort of your cozy fireplace. Then something catches your eyes—the beautiful trees on your property is now covered in snow. As beautiful as snow-covered trees are, it may also be cause for concern. 

It’s already given that snow weakens trees and other plants.  Especially during a snow or ice storm, they become weak and suffer damage. And, even if trees may survive severe storms, no tree or plant is completely safe, especially those with soft and brittle woods.  So don’t just sit around and wait for your trees to fall – do something to help them withstand the unforgiving icy cold.

Here are some tips on how to care for your trees after a snow or ice storm.

1. Wait.  

True, you care for your trees, but you should be more patient! Do not attempt to remove ice or inspect your trees unless it is safe to do so. Doing something may cause additional damage to the limbs and branches, or it may result in more serious accidents for you. Sudden bends in the branches can result in a snap or breakage. Trees are designed to bend and stretch as needed, so you can usually wait for the storm to pass before taking action. 

2. Inspect for Damage.

Inspection is necessary after the storm. But what exactly should you look for? Broken branches, peeling barks, salt damage, insects, and diseases are the most common tree damages. Your tree becomes far more vulnerable than you anticipated. Frost damage, such as split and broken branches and limbs, is common too. These wounds attract insects and diseases, making recovery difficult. With all of the snow falling and covering the branches throughout the winter, it may be difficult to see all the damages. You should also be aware of your surroundings, as the branches may cross utility wires. It is best to hire a certified arborist to conduct a thorough assessment of your trees’ condition.

Inspect for Damage-Green Tech Tree Hingham, MA

3. Remove Ice and Snow.

Remove Ice and Snow-Green Tech Tree Hoolbrook, MA

Remove ice and snow that has formed in the branches of your trees. Oops! You might think shaking the branches will help you get rid of all the snow, but it won’t. Even if trees are designed to stretch and bend, a sudden shake will cause the limbs to snap and cause additional damage to the tree. Due to heavy snow and ice, branches usually bend very low. You can prevent the branches from snapping by removing or sweeping them upward. Begin with the smallest twigs and work your way up until the weight begins to lighten. Contact a professional if you are unsure how to do it correctly.

4. Prune.

Snowstorms have the potential to cause severe damage to trees. To avoid decay, broken branches and limbs must be pruned. However, you must know where to cut or the tree will not be able to recover and may die. You shouldn’t prune too much and leave as many limbs as possible. Pruning must be performed by tree care professionals in order to be effective.

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Tree care is critical following a snow or ice storm, and Green Tech Tree is here to help your trees recover from the harsh winter storms. Our extensive experience with tree care and maintenance has taught us how to effectively deal with all kinds of tree damages. We serve the entire South Shore community and its surrounding areas. Only trust your tree care concerns with us!

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