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Tree and Shrub Fertilization: A Guide to Healthy Greenery

Tree and Shrub Fertilization, Green Tech Tree

If you’re a proud homeowner or a dedicated gardener, you understand the significance of maintaining lush, vibrant trees and shrubs in your landscape. However, even the heartiest greenery needs a little boost now and then to thrive. That’s where tree and shrub fertilization comes into play, and that is what we will be exploring in […]

3 Beautiful Flowering Trees in New England

3 Beautiful Flowering Trees in New England - Green Tech Tree Braintree MA

New England’s natural beauty is renowned worldwide. The region’s breathtaking landscapes have inspired poets, artists, and writers for centuries. New England’s climate and geography make it the perfect home for a wide range of plant species, including some of the world’s most beautiful flowering trees. These trees add a touch of elegance, color, and charm […]

Bugs to Watch for Before They Destroy Your Trees

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Most insects feed and live in tree branches, trunks, shrubs, and tree barks. They either eat away the sap in the stems and leaves of trees, lay masses of eggs in the tree trunks, or suck the nutrients from the leaves and twigs. The end result? Stunted tree growth, stripped leaves, falling branches, and even […]

5 Things to Look for in a Tree Service Company

5 Things to Look for in a Tree Service Company - Green Tech Tree

Trees play a vital role in our lives. They provide us enough shade from the sun, some fresh air to breathe, a lovely landscape for our properties, and also reduce the risk of soil erosion and air pollution. These plants deserve to be cared for, too, just like they take care of our environment. Many […]

How To Help Your Trees After a Snow or Ice Storm

How To Help Your Trees After a Snow or Ice Storm - Green Tech Tree

When snowflakes slowly cover your porch, deck, and roof, it’s the time of the year when you seek the warmth and comfort of your cozy fireplace. Then something catches your eyes—the beautiful trees on your property is now covered in snow. As beautiful as snow-covered trees are, it may also be cause for concern.  It’s […]