3 Types of Maple Trees and Their Benefits

Green Tech Tree - 3 Types of Maple Trees and Their Benefits

Many people plant maple trees because they provide cool shade, serve as street trees, and enhance the beauty of yards. Maples are also known for their autumn colors, with many species yearly displaying oranges, browns, yellows, and reds. Some leaves of maple trees show several of these colors at once, and maple trees are deciduous.

There are many varieties of maple trees. Some maple trees produce sap from which maple syrup is made, which is sweeter than any other tree species’ sap. The essential maple trees for syrup production are red maple, black maple, and sugar maple species, which have been utilized for around 150 years.

Let’s explore more on the three aforementioned types of maple species and discover the benefits of planting a maple tree in your front yard, backyard, and anywhere between.

Types of Maple Trees

Red Maple Tree

Red Maple Tree - Green Tech Tree

The Red Maple tree is the most widespread. Red maples grow in urban landscapes and woods, reaching heights of around 50 feet. Red maple buds turn into seed structures that dangle from reddish twigs throughout the year, thus living up to its name.

The bark of red maple trees has ash-gray to silver in color. Its leaves are three or five-lobed leaves with a triangular shape, deep green on the upper side and pale green at the bottom, which turn bright red during the fall.

Black Maple Tree

Black Maple Tree - Green Tech Tree

Black maple trees are characterized by their leaves and buds growing opposite each other. They are found to be abundant, particularly in the state of Ohio, and reach heights of up to 80 feet.

The bark of black maple trees is dark gray with deep furrows, and its leaves are droopy and deep green, with downy undersides.

Sugar Maple Tree

Sugar Maple Tree - Green Tech Tree

Sugar maple trees are attractive to wildlife and can live up to 300 years. Each can exceed a height of 100 feet. For those looking to make maple syrup, this maple tree type is the best choice, as its sap contains a more substantial amount of plant sugars than any other maple.

The bark of sugar maple trees has a gray-brown, turning a dark brown as the tree ages, and its leaves are three to five-lobed leaves almost 8 inches in length.


Red Maple Tree - Green Tech Tree

Maple trees provide nesting areas, shade, support for local bee populations, and several health benefits when consumed, among other advantages, to humans and local wildlife.

Here are some maple tree uses and their benefits:

1. Medicinal Benefits

Maple trees have many health benefits and are used for medicinal purposes worldwide. The syrup from maple trees contains about 24 different antioxidants that help fight inflammation and free radicals in the body.

Over the years, maple trees have been known for their healing properties. In traditional medicine, they have been used to treat rheumatism, bruises, pain, and eye disease as an alternative to western medicine.

2. Good Source of Food

Most maple trees are edible, so it is a good food source for humans. The leaves of maple trees are mostly edible and have many different health benefits for humans.

Naturally, maple trees produce a sweet, rich syrup with a distinctive flavor. Even though maple syrup is very sweet, it is healthier than regular sugar.

3. Supporting Local Wildlife

The wildlife in your area will use maple trees as a food source, a nesting location, and a source of shade during the hotter months. Deer and squirrels feed on the tender leaves and shoots of maple trees when no other food sources are available.

Aside from that, honeybees are attracted to the flowers of the maple trees as they are a great source of pollen and nectar for bees. But the flowers are not the only food source for the bees; the sap of the maple trees helps feed the bees too.

4. Ornamental Features

The leaves of most maple trees turn beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow in the fall, making them highly sought after. Some are grown for their massive size to provide shade, while others are prized for their subtle beauty to serve as ornaments.

Are Your Maple Trees In Need of Some Professional Care?

Are Your Maple Trees In Need of Some Professional Care - Green Tech Tree

There is no doubt that maple trees are more than meets the eye. Aside from its aesthetic qualities during autumn and its famous maple syrup, maple trees have medicinal benefits because of the healing properties found in the syrup and the leaves.

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