5 Advantages of Stump Grinding

Why is stump grinding necessary? After felling a tree from your yard, the next thing you’ll need to figure out is whether to just leave that stump on the ground or do something to it. Will there be a difference if you choose to perform stump grinding? Avoid getting stuck in this question by being aware of the advantages that stump grinding brings to you and your property as a whole.

How Stump Grinding Works

How Stump Grinding Works - Green Tech Tree

When you decide to get started with a stump grinding project, most tree care service contractors typically follow these steps:

1. Inspect the area.

2. Wear safety gear like goggles, gloves, chainsaw safety pants, and work boots.

3. Shovel the rocks and other plants around the base of the stump.

4. Use a chainsaw to cut the part of the stump close to the ground.

5. Use the powerful stump grinder to grind up the remaining stump.

6. Clean up the area and put the remaining wood chips into the hole where the tree stump was taken.

7. Fill the area with soil and make the ground even again by doing a little bit of raking.

8. Add new plants or landscaping to the area if desired.

Benefits of Stump Grinding

Benefits of Stump Grinding - Green Tech Tree

Stump grinding is the process of using a powerful machine called a stump grinder to chew away the remaining part of a tree on the ground that was not removed when the tree was cut down. Doing this results in some benefits for homeowners, including:

· Eco-friendly

A stump left on the ground for days or months can cause diseases to other plants in your landscape. This part of a tree may rot and bring about certain diseases. Also, using chemicals on stumps can bring life to unwanted elements. To grind a stump allows sod to cover it or to replant a new tree on top with the help of your chosen tree care service contractor.

· Fast and Effective

Compared with tree removal, which takes several hours or days and that includes possibly putting chemicals into the stump, grinding is better because it requires minimal equipment and only a few hours to finish. The sawdust and pile of wood that it leaves behind make this process effective, too, because these items can be used for other purposes, like kindling.

· Prevents Issues with Surrounding Trees

The trees within your property and near the infected tree can be saved through stump grinding. Instead of risking widespread disease and applying chemicals to the stump, you can just ask your contractor to dig deeper to further cover the stump and let a new tree grow on top of it. New tree sprouts can grow freely in the same area, unlike tree removal, which requires uprooting other plants.

· Clears the Area

Landscaping becomes easier because your yard is again empty, and the stump of a tree you recently cut down has been cleared away through stump grinding. Growing lush grasses and other lovely plants is possible, too, even in the spot where the ground stump is.

· Increases Property Value

Tree stumps left on the ground don’t seem very attractive to potential home buyers. With sod covering the ground stump, you’ll regain that neat and tidy look of your backyard that most potential customers want.

Professional Tree Care Service Your Trees Need

Professional Tree Care Service Your Trees Need - Green Tech Tree

Caring for trees similar to how you care for your family and property is Green Tech Tree South Shore, MA. We make no mistakes as we use modern and efficient methods to perform tree care services. Tree pruning, trimming, and spraying are just some of the best offers we have in store for you. The South Shore, MA area stays clean and green with all the trees we proudly take charge of. When they start aging and decaying, we come to the rescue to avoid injuries to people and properties.

Entrusting your trees to the hands of our experts guarantees safe, affordable, and effective solutions for your tree care needs. We’ll prove that doing-it-yourself is not always the best option. The

equipment necessary to successfully cut or trim large and heavy branches of a tree can be dangerous if you’re not trained for it. Our years of service have taught us to be careful and skillful in our craft.

Trees, too, deserve to live long and healthy. If you want to continue seeing them grow beautifully in your yard, trimming, pruning, and other maintenance processes are truly essential. For any tree care service you require, Green Tech Tree experts to assist you! Contact us at 781-767-3888 and experience customer service like no other. We’re just a call away and always ready to guide you throughout the process. Have your trees checked today for better health and a longer lifespan.

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