Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your House

Trees are a wonderful way to improve the quality of your home and protect it from the pollution. They can provide shade, reduce noise pollution, and cool down the temperature. Trees planted near your home will also help you to save energy by providing cleaner air and reducing your carbon footprint.

However, trees need space to grow, and many people have found that trees in residential areas can cause serious problems in unexpected ways. If you plant them too close to your house, they will have trouble growing enough branches to reach the sunlight that they need for photosynthesis.

You should also make sure that your property does not have any obstacles like power lines or other utility lines that could damage the tree’s roots when it needs to grow taller.

In addition, planting trees too close can lead to many problems such as:

1) Trees can cause damage

Trees have the potential to cause damage to properties and infrastructure. They can be uprooted or blown over. Trees also affect the environment in several ways, such as limiting sunlight or blocking views of natural landscapes.

Moreover, trees can damage a roof by dropping leaves or branches, which can lead to mold and mildew growth in the attic. Trees can also cause more serious problems like falling on a home and around  during intense winds, which may result in structural damage or injury.

2) The roots grow, causing concrete settling

The roots grow causing concrete settling - Green Tech Tree South Shore MA

Roots that grow against foundations may also lead to cracks in walls and floors as well as structural damage from settling and cracking caused by the weight of the tree growing on it. There are many ways that trees have caused structural damage:

● Roots from deciduous trees grow in the fall, which creates a lot of pressure on the ground when it freezes during winter months. This causes cracks in foundations

● Trees with deep root systems grow vertically into walls which causes cracks

● Trees with shallow root systems grow horizontally into walls which causes cracks

3) Trees can attract pests

Trees are an important part of the environment, but they can also attract pests that cause damage to homeowners. Pests are attracted to trees because they provide a lot of cover and food sources. They also create a perfect environment for breeding, which is why they are often found in large numbers.

Trees can attract pests - Green Tech Trees South Shore MA

4) Trees can cause drain and sewer problems

Trees can cause drain and sewer problems - Green Tech Tree South Shore MA

Trees can cause problems for the drainage systems of homes and businesses. They create root systems that clog up pipes and sewer lines and are hard to remove from the ground.

Trees also drop leaves, needles, and other debris into the water system, which causes blockages in sewers and drains. This leads to sewage spills into water sources or even flooding when heavy rains come.

Overall, it is not advised to plant trees too close to your house because of the risk of them falling on your property, blocking your view, and creating a safety hazard. You might not be able to see them when they grow, but they will take over your yard, causing damage.

Professional Tree Services in Massachusetts

Professional Tree Services in Massachusetts - Green Tech Tree South Shore MA

Many trees are the key to a healthy ecosystem, but they are also difficult to maintain. Green Tech Tree Services is here to help. We offer a variety of services from trimming and pruning the trees around your home, to the more complicated like tree removal and stump grinding.

If you are looking for professional tree services but do not want to risk the consequences that could result from not following a skilled professional’s advice, you can contact us at any time at (781)767-3888. Green Tech Tree Services offer only the most sustainable and environmentally conscious tree services in the area.

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