Why is it Important to Prune Your Trees?

Green Tech Tree Braintree, MA - Why is it Important to Prune Your Trees

Growth involves not only coming to terms with something new but also letting go of what is dear and valuable to us. The same thought applies to the act of pruning trees, which involves the process of cutting tree branches to make room for new growth. But this is done for a higher purpose, such as maintaining a tree’s structural integrity and well-being. Indeed, pruning is inherently valuable to the tree and vital for its growth and overall health.

Aside from its significance to the tree, tree pruning also has a social dimension. It gives aesthetic value to one’s property; it mitigates risk and clears driveways, pathways, and passageways. In this sense, tree pruning also maintains a sense of beauty, prevents accidents, and ensures public safety.

Top Five Reasons Why Your Trees Need Pruning

1. It marks our sense of social responsibility.

It marks our sense of social responsibility - Green Tech Tree Hingham, MA

People living in cities are seriously in danger of injury when weak or dead branches fall off at any time. Trees close to homes or sidewalks should also have their safety checked. Trimming a tree along driveways and passageways prevents falling branches from hurting pedestrians during a storm.

2. It ensures our safety.

It ensures our safety - Green Tech Tree Services Hingham, MA

Trees with their dead branches close to electricity wires risk public safety. Such branches are a constant hazard, capable of destroying property or injuring people. Pruning your tree helps prevent accidents by reducing branches that pose a danger. Tree branches that hang low will not grow too much and become dangerous if appropriately pruned.

3. It encourages the production of fruits.

It encourages the production of fruits - Green Tech Tree South Shore, MA

Pruned fruit trees encourage additional growth in the spring and summer. The tree can use its extra energy reserves to produce more fruit if it has less volume to sustain. Trees tend to grow more slowly when pruned in the summer than they do in the winter.

4. It improves your home’s access to sunlight.

It improves your home's access to sunlight - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

Trees can prevent sunlight from entering your home. You can increase lighting and reduce electricity consumption by trimming the blocking branches.

5. It improves the tree’s appearance.

It improves the trees appearance - Green Tech Tree Services Weymouth, MA

Hanging branches and overgrown trees can make your property look unattractive and reduce its curb appeal. Pruning keeps trees in form, boosts your property’s worth, and improves its appearance.

When Is the Best Time to Prune a Tree?

When Is the Best Time to Prune a Tree - Green Tech Tree South Shore, MA

The proper time to prune a tree depends on different factors. Here are some conditions to consider:

  • When branches are dying, decaying, and becoming increasingly hazardous, pruning becomes necessary.
  • When branches interfere with people and vehicles and might cause serious injuries.
  • When limbs have been broken by storm and trees have grown too large and might damage our property.

Important Reminders Before Pruning Your Trees

Pruning requires an understanding of tree biology.

Pruning requires an understanding of tree biology - Green Tech Tree South Shore, MA

In its absence, the cut could potentially damage the tree’s growth. Thus, it’s crucial to remember that no branch should ever be removed without apparent reasons. Furthermore, the extent of live tissues to be removed must depend on the size of the tree, its age, species, and pruning goals.

Unlike younger trees, mature trees can no longer endure the removal of a higher proportion of living tissue. For older trees, more than 25% of their crown should not be cut at once. Pruning cuts are crucially important and essential to a tree’s development and healing process after a wound. Conversely, improper pruning could harm the trunk and cause stem decay, sprouting, and unintended growth.

Pruning requires expertise.

Pruning requires expertise - Green Tech Tree Hingham, MA

Tree experts assist us in clarifying our goals for pruning young and mature trees. For young trees, the objective has always been to improve their structural integrity and that they should not jeopardize their surroundings as they mature.

In addition, expert pruners do not only care for trees, but they integrate visual art and design principles and work with trees in their unique setting, thereby creating a living art form. They bear in mind that trees are a magnificent resource that gives the landscape a majestic look while providing shade, oxygen, and refuge for wildlife. In addition to beautifying your home, trees also help the environment and can raise your property’s value. When trees are properly maintained, you’ll get great rewards. Experienced pruners know what to trim and why.

Affordable Tree Pruning Company in South Shore, MA

Affordable Tree Pruning Company - Green Tech Tree South Shore, MA

As a leading company in the tree service industry, Green Tech Tree provides efficient and affordable tree pruning services to the residents in the South Shore, MA area and communities. With more than two decades of experience in tree pruning, our tree specialists have gained deep knowledge of the best tree pruning techniques that can safeguard the wonderful landscapes and trees of your property.

We are the company to call if you need tree removal, tree pruning and trimming, hassle-free stump grinding, land clearing, fertilization, and other services related to tree care that is affordable, safe, customer-focused, and expert. Call us today at (781) 767-3888 to get a free quote for your tree pruning project.

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