Planting Trees in the Fall in Massachusetts

Planting Trees in the Fall in Massachusetts - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

Natural disasters emphasize the importance of trees in our lives. They can save us from the danger of floods and landslides, and more. They also help us stay healthy by filtering the air we breathe. So, if you have a piece of land to grow trees these days, you are lucky.

Yet, one more thing to consider aside from where to start planting is the right time to do it. Is it going to be in winter, spring, summer, or fall? The seasons here in Massachusetts best for planting trees are late winter or early spring. What happens then if you plant in the fall? Let’s find out.

Best Time to Plant Trees in Massachusetts During Fall

Best Time to Plant Trees in Massachusetts During Fall - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

Planting new trees in Massachusetts before winter ends or at the beginning of spring is definitely the best time. Plants are less disruptive as they emerge from their dormant stage, which is the time when the diminution or cessation of its growth occurs temporarily. So, sometimes, it is just about choosing the right type of tree to plant.

The question remains, “is there any benefit to planting in fall?” given such fact. According to a study, fall is an ideal time for planting trees. Mid-August to mid-October brings warm air as well as damp soil, promoting faster growth of roots. The only essential thing to remember is to give plants at least six weeks to get ready before the soil they’re settled in freezes.

Types of Trees to Grow in Fall

Types of Trees to Grow in Fall - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

Not all trees can survive the heat of summer or the harsh cold of winter, and the same is true for fall. If you really want to plant trees in the fall while in Massachusetts, here are the kinds of plants you may want to look for.

1. Moderately sized deciduous trees and shrubs.

2. Healthy, container-grown, or burlapped plants.

3. Trees like ash, alder, elm, catalpa, crabapple, Eastern redbud, maple, and hackberry.

4. Plant pine and spruce while the soil is still warm, which is before the end of September.

How to Grow Trees in Fall

How to Grow Trees in Fall - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

Just like planting any other types of plants and trees, there is a proper and safe way to do it that will save you time and effort. By doing this, you can expect good results from trying to plant trees in the fall despite all the risk.

1. The depth of the hole should be determined by measuring from the plant’s trunk flare to the bottom of the root ball or mass. A plant could perish if it is planted too deeply.

2. Take note of the root mass’ width.

3. Loosen any roots that are covered tightly around the root ball.

4. Remove any wire, string, as well as the top half of the burlap that covers the root ball.

5. Make sure the trunk flare is 1″ to 2″ above the ground to set the plant.

Do’s and Don’ts

Planting trees in fall may be a little risky, but with these simple guidelines, you can be a little more sure of how to do the process correctly.


Plant shrubs and trees - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

– Plant shrubs and trees like lilacs, dogwoods, wisterias, sweetspires, maple, katsura, honey locust, and plane tree.

– Water until the ground freezes.

– Put fertilizers up to mid-October.


Dont over water your newly planted trees and plants - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

– Don’t plant trees and shrubs like broadleaf evergreen shrubs and trees.

– Don’t over water your newly-planted trees and plants.

– Stop fertilizing after mid-October.

Grow Your Plants with Us!

Grow Your Plants with Us - Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA

If you live in the South Shore region of Massachusetts and plan on growing some trees, know that you are not alone. There are experts you can call for help, like Green Tech Tree. Growing trees, providing maintenance and upkeep from time to time, and simply making the area green is what we do best. We’ve got a green thumb, and we’ve got your back on this, too!

Our skills and training allow us to perform tree care services like tree removal, tree spraying, tree trimming and pruning, tree and shrub fertilization, as well as stump grinding. We offer these services at an affordable rate that other companies cannot offer. We’re locals, and we have a genuine concern for the town’s environment. We take pride in our work and in the beauty of the area.

The safety of your family and property are highly prioritized during our operations, such as with tree removal, which can be very dangerous. Rest assured that our crew is highly trained in using our specialized tools and equipment. Want to know if it’s time to trim and prune your trees? Call us at 781-767-3888 to get a free quote and a tree inspection right away.

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