How to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

Trees give our surroundings a clean and green look. Without these plants, there can be no fresh air for us to breathe, shades against the bright, hot sunlight, and nothing to absorb water during heavy rain. Many great things come from having healthy trees around, which entails proper tree care, whether it’s summer, winter, fall, or spring. As you prepare yourself for the coming spring season, think of ways how to prepare your trees as well. It is essential to help your precious outdoor greenery survive throughout the season. Don’t have a clue on where and how to start? There are just a few steps to follow to effectively prepare and protect your trees.

Tips on Properly Preparing Your Trees

Give your trees extra love and care at this time of the year when the spring season is about to kick in. Start as early as possible before spring to ensure good health among your trees. They’ve been asleep for a few months and are expected to have moisture and debris built up inside them. Winter hibernation of trees and plants must be broken before the next season.

Clean and Clear the Area

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Removing all unnecessary items in the backyard and within the surrounding area of the trees is the first important step. Leave more space in the area for the trees to breathe properly, which helps a lot in their survival.


Green Tech Tree Service - Mulching

After clearing the space around the tree, the next step is to put down a three to four-inch layer of mulch at the base of each trunk. Mulching allows water to be retained and helps avoid water runoff. Weeds and damage from your lawnmower can be avoided, too.


Green Tech Tree Service - Watering

Water keeps trees hydrated throughout the changing season and even when it gets warmer. However, watering may vary depending on the trees’ age. Older trees require indirect watering and should not be next in the trunk. Younger trees, however, needs watering near the trunk since it is not yet established. Also, it’s a good idea to water trees deeply rather than watering often.

Prune Your Trees

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Spring is the perfect season to prune your trees. This is because your trees have been dormant for the past three months. It involves the removal of all dead and diseased branches as well as the extra growth that rubs together.


Green Tech Tree Service - Fertilizing

Because spring is the time when all plants blossom and bloom, it is also the right time to fertilize. Fertilization is best applied directly to the drip line of the tree. Also, drilling some holes in the surrounding soil of the trees using a probe or punch will make it faster for the fertilizer to be absorbed.

Why Preparing for Spring is Necessary

Improving the Health – The pruning process is a sure way to enhance the health of trees even when it’s not springtime. Doing this process as part of the tree care routine is always helpful.

Enhancing the Appearance – It is also possible to improve the appearance of your lovely trees through pruning and trimming while also directing their growth pattern.

Green Tech Tree Service - Tree Removal

Improving the Safety – Any place can become safer with trees that are well taken care of. Removing large branches that hang over your driveway, home, or vehicles will ensure the safety of your family and properties.

Better Exposure to Nutrients – Without the unhealthy portions of trees, absorbing nutrients and distributing them to the rest of the parts becomes easier, too. Both sunlight and air can permeate the trees, making them healthier and stronger.

Higher Property Value – Originally, trimming and pruning were processes done to make plants and trees look more beautiful. Thus, while preparing them for the next season, your plants will also add to the appeal of your property.

Professionals You Can Trust

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Cutting dead branches and clearing up the area may seem an easy task to do, even for new homeowners. However, for lasting results results, hiring top professional arborists in town is the perfect option. From planting new trees to pruning and maintaining them, Green Tech Tree experts are here to assist.

We provide all kinds of tree care needs for every season. Our tools and equipment are always updated to ensure top-quality results. It is our great pride and honor to keep the trees around us protected for future generations to enjoy them the way we did.

Our tree care services are guaranteed to deliver full protection and effective maintenance like no other. Speak with our tree care experts today at 781-767-3888.

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