Benefits of a Live Christmas Tree

Green Tech Tree Hingham, MA - Benefits of a Live Christmas Tree

It has been a long-held Christmas tradition to decorate our homes with wreaths of evergreens, pine cones, candy canes, strings of lights, and nativity scenes. To complete our list of decorations, how could we forget the ever-popular Christmas tree that we placed in the center of our living room, surrounded by wrapped presents? But whether […]

How to Handle Fallen Trees After a Storm

How to Handle Fallen Trees After a Storm - Green Tech Tree, MA

As storm seasons come and go, we continue to experience severe weather across our land. Strong wind speeds, rain, and storm surges add up to more potential destruction for everyone affected, including their livelihoods and properties. However, storms are natural disasters, so we can’t stop how much damage they do, like taking down trees and […]

Planting Trees in the Fall in Massachusetts

Green Tech Tree Holbrook, MA - Planting Trees in the Fall in Massachusetts

Natural disasters emphasize the importance of trees in our lives. They can save us from the danger of floods and landslides, and more. They also help us stay healthy by filtering the air we breathe. So, if you have a piece of land to grow trees these days, you are lucky. Yet, one more thing […]

Are My Trees at Risk During a Storm?

Are My Trees at Risk During a Storm - Green Tech Tree Green Tech Tree South Shore MA

You’ve seen in the news how storms can wreak havoc on cities and homes, people’s livelihoods, and everything caught in them. In addition to causing multimillion-dollar damages, these storms can flood acres of forested land, weakening the trees’ root systems and causing them to die. If storms can be fatal to massive forest trees, can […]

Why is it Important to Prune Your Trees?

Why is it Important to Prune Your Trees - Green Tech Tree South Shore MA

Growth involves not only coming to terms with something new but also letting go of what is dear and valuable to us. The same thought applies to the act of pruning trees, which involves the process of cutting tree branches to make room for new growth. But this is done for a higher purpose, such […]

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your House

Why You Shouldn’t Plant Trees Too Close to Your House - Green Tech Tree South Shore MA

Trees are a wonderful way to improve the quality of your home and protect it from the pollution. They can provide shade, reduce noise pollution, and cool down the temperature. Trees planted near your home will also help you to save energy by providing cleaner air and reducing your carbon footprint. However, trees need space […]

Bugs to Watch for Before They Destroy Your Trees

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Most insects feed and live in tree branches, trunks, shrubs, and tree barks. They either eat away the sap in the stems and leaves of trees, lay masses of eggs in the tree trunks, or suck the nutrients from the leaves and twigs. The end result? Stunted tree growth, stripped leaves, falling branches, and even […]

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal

Stump Grinding vs. Stump Removal - Green Tech Tree South Shore, MA

After the tedious process of removing a tree from your yard, what’s left on the ground are the stumps. Should you grind them or remove them, too? It can be hard to know which route to take. Both have advantages and disadvantages which leaves the decision solely to you as the homeowner based on the […]

How to Prepare Your Trees for Spring

Green Tech Tree Service - Tree Spraying

Trees give our surroundings a clean and green look. Without these plants, there can be no fresh air for us to breathe, shades against the bright, hot sunlight, and nothing to absorb water during heavy rain. Many great things come from having healthy trees around, which entails proper tree care, whether it’s summer, winter, fall, […]

What Is a Certified Arborist?

What Is a Certified Arborist-Green Tech Tree Braintree, MA

Have you done everything possible to ensure that your tree grows healthy?  Does it seem like something should be done, but you’re unsure what it is? Taking care of trees and plants can be tricky and, in some cases, dangerous, so it takes a lot of skill and practice. This is why it is crucial […]