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Tree Trimming & Pruning

land clearing tree trimmingWhen it comes to tree trimming and pruning, Green Tech Tree will remove the tree safely according to ANSI specifications. Our tree workers pride themselves on their ability to work together in coordination to bring the tree down without damage to your home or landscaping. The clean-up crews ensure that your property and service area will be neat and tidy throughout the entire job and upon completion. We can haul everything away, or leave the wood for you to split.

Each tree is uniquely different from the next. In general you want your tree to be able to allow for the maximum use of sunlight that is available to it. A typical trim will consist of removing any branches that are not exposed to sunlight, branches that cross and rub against each other, and branches that do not conform to the general shape of your particular type of tree. Many times branches that are close to power lines or phone lines and branches that rub against roof tops are removed as well so that damage to property or possible injury to others does not occur. Tree trimming is often a preventative measure to more costly problems down the road, both for your tree and for your property.

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