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Tree Spraying

land clearing tree trimmingGreen Tech Tree has over 10 years of New England tree care experience. We realize the control of insect and tree disease pests on trees often involves tree spraying. Tree trunk injections or soil injections can be done to control some insect and disease pests of trees, but the most common method used is tree spraying. The equipment we use for tree spraying can be as small as a backpack sprayer all the way up to a 1000 gallon tank trunk. But mostly it depends on the tree species, tree size, and the insect pest or tree disease pest.

Some tree species are highly targeted by insect pests or various tree diseases, while other landscape trees are relatively pest free. We help you in determining what landscape trees will be prone to attack by insect pests or tree diseases.

tree removal stump grinding

Targeted tree sprays are designed to control a particular insect or tree disease at a certain time of the season. When a targeted tree spray is scheduled only one tree, or tree species, in the landscape is treated by the tree service. An example of a targeted tree spray would be if the tree service sprayed just the crabapple trees in your landscape for Apple Scab disease. Tree disease control programs are often set up by a tree service as targeted sprays because the timing of the tree spray is critical to obtaining control of the tree disease.